Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm going on record (again) as a hater of all things "standing pass"-related.  I just hate it it when an opponent tries to stand and pass.  It makes me angry.  It fuels my fire to get a submission.  Unless I get passed (which never rarely happens).

OK, so the standing pass is a solid technique employed by a good half of all of you grapplers out there.  Why?  Because, it's effective as hell - fairly risk-free and high percentage, when done properly.  That's probably why I hate it.  And, also why I love the technique featured below.

I'm a little new to Rodrigo Munduruca, but I can tell the guy is highly skilled and a well thought through instructor, not to mention a 2010 Masters World Champ.  This little diddy is badass through and through.  Nail this in a tournament, and you be sure to bring home a medal and maybe even ... the ladies (or dudes, if that is your thing).

Check out the vid below (presented by the Canadian BJJ magazine, Jits and BJJ Heroes).  It's a sweep countering the standing pass (as you so cleverly surmised) and, when performed correctly, places you in side control position with a clear path to a paper-cutter type choke.  Go.


  1. I hate standing passes. I've been trying to do the damn things for the last five years, and only just now have I finally started to get them. But that's only against beginners. Who are probably injured. And tired. Gah.

    Still, it's an improvement: previously, there have been times where I've been actively trying to get the other person to sweep me so I don't have to be in their guard anymore. ;p

  2. I was taught this sweep by Romero Jacare Cavalcanti about a month ago at a seminar.It's nifty as hell when you can nail it.

  3. All I have to say is matador pass.

  4. You gotta love that Demolisher commented on Destroyer blog! :oD

    I love this sweep and one variation or another all the time. As for standing passes, the X-pass by Saulo (which is a variation on the toreada) is deffo on of my favourite go-to passes.

  5. Slidey is just saying that so you feel extra owned when he standing passes you. :D

  6. Is that Rolker at 1:27?????


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