Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today we are featuring Hong Kong martial artist and actor, Donnie Yen. Yen is most well known for his 2008 movie role in which he portrayed Wing Chun grandmaster, Ip Man (in a film of the same name). The 48-year-old actor is often credited with bringing MMA to China. This is due to his mastery in several arts and his incorporation of them into his movie roles. Yen is a fan and a practitioner of MMA and, a few years ago, he picked up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He currently holds the rank of purple belt. Not only is Yen a great actor and martial artist, but he proves that, regardless of age (especially in martial arts), learning is an endless endeavor.

Now watch Yen kick some ass as he incorporates Wing Chun, wrestling, and BJJ into one of the best grappling fight scenes I have ever seen.


  1. Holy @#$%!

    I watched him in the Ip Man roles but I stopped short of his other movies. I will be checking them out on Netflix tonight!

  2. Its from a film called Flashpoint. One of my mates put me on it recently but it actually came out way back in '07, really flew under the radar.

    I thought it would be another dodgey film that chucked in a bit of MMA but I sat up after the 1st scene where Donnie does a flying armbar.

    The outtakes showing the training they did is also pretty sweet.

  3. Best known for Ip Man? Maybe in the West, but he's been massive in kung fu flicks for a loooong time. E.g., Iron Monkey, Once Upon A Time In China II, the Fist of Fury TV series, etc.

    Right up there with the best, like Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee etc. Serious skills.

  4. He should of hooked the leg on that triangle.

  5. if you guys like flashpoint, then you should certainly watch kill zone / sha po lang (2005). it's a movie starring donnie yen vs sammo hung. i'd say that movie is even more badass than flashpoint. you want flying armbars? you can find it in kill zone / sha po lang too :)

  6. I found Sha Po Lang a bit slow, except for the big fight scene at the end, which was pretty cool. Been a few years since I watched it, though.

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