Tuesday, October 18, 2011


If you listened to us, you paid your 25 bucks and watched the ADCC finals a few weeks ago.  If so, we're positive you're better for it.  You saw some amazing grappling competition.  You're well versed in topics such as Braulio Estima's current guard game and Kron Gracie's current hair/beard style.  You're in the know.  We respect that.  It means you had $25 and you chose to spend it on Jiu-Jitsu and not another pair of TOMS or something useless like a book or food or a gift for your spouse or parent(s).

If not, well then, we sort of expected that from you.  You just don't care enough, grappler.  It's really kind of a shame.

If you saw ADCC, you know Rousimar Palhares, better known by his nickname, Toquinho, impressed everybody with his ruthless knee attacks.  The UFC veteran was dangerous, and perhaps a little discerning when it came to rule following.  In the end, he lost a points battle in the final against gold medalist (at 88 kg and Absolute), Andre Galvao.  But, he blazed a trail of shredded ACL's and MCL's (and a few menisci) on his path to Silver.  Check out his controversial bout with David Avellan (c/o of 

If you're confused as to what occurred, here's David Avellan's account of what went down. 


  1. I honestly don't know what to make of this. The first stoppage was a little confusing and it seemed Toquinho was genuinely confused about the referees instructions. The head clubbing is still weird though...

    As for the restart, I mean seriously, they restart Toquinho in the middle of the mat with a heel hook after he thought he had already won the match-I think we all saw where that was going. If he held it too long it was a matter of milliseconds (it's maybe 1.5 seconds from restart to him releasing the hold).

    Tough one to call, but I am not jealous of that injury.

  2. I know Palhares comes from a poor family, worked on construction sites, trains like crazy but still - look at his build man. Roids. I'm 100% on this. The reason why he's causing injuries is because he doesn't really pay attention but commits fully to the technique/movement he's performing and because he's fully focusing/concentrating on this and nothing else. Also I'm not sure if he knows his powers fully (he may not be completely aware of how f***ing strong he is). I don't think he wants to cause injuries. It's more of what I've described imo.

  3. Just look at this guy's past record, he does this kind of crap EVERY time he fights or grapples. He thinks he is the referee. Against Marquardt he thought he had stopped the fight and Nate got the TKO. I'm just glad he didn't take the gold.

  4. Roids don't destroy knees, Toquinho starting with your leg isolated destroys knees. :P

  5. palhares doesn't respect the rules and injures his opponents, so i have no respect for him.

    everyone should just refuse to face him; he'll get the message then.

  6. he did the same thing to Tomasz Drwal in the UFC

  7. I was there watching it live and was absolutely confused about the situation. I also thought it was finished and thought that the controversy was about the thump he gave him (which I thought was kind of funny, and had no malice intended behind it). I can't understand why the ref couldn't have let them go on for a little while off of the mat; there was no one around them to bump into and the whole arena floor was matted anyway.

    But the most ridiculous thing was restarting them in that position. The ref should be ashamed as he caused that situation and now David Avellan is injured (I hope not too severely). What did he expect was going to happen. Everyone in the crowd knew that he was going to crank it as soon as the ref said "go". I almost couldn't watch the restart because I knew it would be so painful.

  8. Bad refereeing after all. Additionally, Avellan was acting in a pathetic mood of apologism after the tournament.

  9. if you're gonna cry over a slap on the neck after getting beat twice then you're just reaching. hit the gym and get your posse out the picture next time you wanna tell your side of the story. it loooks like your blue belts are finding excuses for their failed prof.


  10. Palhares fights with a very negative spirit. It seems like he NEVER wants to play by the rules, in UFC or ADCC. Beyond that, who comes to a tournament LOOKING to tear ligaments and stuff. Thats not normal. Its against the spirit of competition. Everybody else there is there to showcase their skills and make some money. Lots of guys that fight came from poor backgrounds. Thats not an excuse to have poor ettiquite on the mat. Respecting the TAP and respecting your opponent is stuff you learn the first day doing BJJ. One day someone who gets hold of Palhares leg is going to really hurt him, and thats sad. Because he's good.


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