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Hey, grapplers.  We're privileged to have met some terrific people since we began our DSTRYR/Sg journey a couple of year ago.  Along the way, we featured some unique, effective and cleverly named techniques created by Adiso Banjoko  Adiso is a man of many talents and vocations:  he's an author/journalist and activist and the founder of the Hip Hop Chess Federation, a non-profit organization promoting martial arts, chess and music.  He's also a legit purple belt out of Heroes Martial Arts in San Jose, CA.  He's most graciously offered to contribute to DSTRYR/SG and we couldn't be happier. 

Check out an interview he recently did for us:

Dr. Peter Goldman is a chiropractor to top MMA and BJJ fighters, including the likes of UFC champ BJ Penn, Eddie Bravo, Jake Shields and Denny Prokopos among many others. He is a champion in Karate and a Brown Belt under John Machado. Dr. Pete does what's known as Zone Healing. Its impact is beyond traditional chiropractic methods. I sat with him recently to learn more about it. This is what he told me:

DSTRYR: When did your journey in martial arts begin?

Dr. Peter Goldman: When I was about 11 years old, I took Karate lessons a few blocks from my house in Brooklyn, NY because my neighborhood was rough at that time.

DSTRYR: When did your journey towards being a Dr. begin?

PG: I was raised in a very naturally oriented family. I began getting adjusted by a chiropractor when I was a kid. By the time I was 18 or so, I figured chiropractic could help fix practically anything. Although I loved chiropractic, I didn't consider becoming a chiropractor until a few years after I graduated college.

DSTRYR: What is Zone Healing exactly and how does it differ from other themes of healing?

PG: The Zone technique of chiropractic was created by Dr. Thurman Fleet in 1931. It is a system of true holistic healing that takes the whole person into account in the healing process. On a physical level, it balances the body's systems. On a metaphysical level, it recognizes that the body is a reflection of the Soul and addresses this.

DSTRYR: How did you being to introduce Zone Healing to MMA fighters and jiu jiu fighters start to unfold?

PG: Several years ago, I helped guys like Bas Rutten and BJ Penn, and then the word spread via magazine articles and word of mouth. Now fighters come to me from all over the world.

DSTRYR: Because you actually train in BJJ, Muay Thai and wrestling, how does that help you in treating fighters if at all?

PG: It does because when they explain things to me, I know exactly what they are talking about, and because I competed I understand their emotional state leading up to and after a fight.

DSTRYR: You have a brown belt in BJJ. What have you been focusing on in terms of your personal grwoth in the sport?

PG:At the moment, I have been focusing a lot on Thai boxing training. I also try to roll about twice a week.

DSTRYR: I saw Eddie Bravo mention Dr. Fleets Rays of Dawn in one of his books. Whats that book about!?

PG: Way back in the day, Eddie asked my for my advice on some things and I suggested he read Dr. Fleet's book called Rays of the Dawn. The book had a very positive effect on Eddie and helped him in many ways.

DSTRYR: Any last words?

PG: Thank you Adisa and check out


  1. He lost me right about here: "On a metaphysical level, it recognizes that the body is a reflection of the Soul and addresses this."

    Which made me think of this and this.

  2. Athletes continue to succeed inspite of their methods. While I can respect the guy as brown belt, I just can't take Chiro's seriously.

  3. Slidy/William:

    I generally go the traditional medicine route, myself. But, I have seen chiropractors over the years, particularly when I've hurt my back lifting weights and doing jiu jitz.

    I'm not sure about the deeper level stuff, but I think spinal adjustments do cause some relief.

  4. I'm down with DSTRYR on this one. I had a chiro completely cure my sciatica many years ago...

    That, of course, was before I started jits. Now I just forward roll and hip escape everywhere instead of walking. :D

  5. just curious, what were dr. pete's last words?

  6. Out of interest, did the guy who sorted out your sciatica start talking about your soul at any point? I have heard that there is a division between the 'woo woo' chiropractors and more sensible practitioners.

    Personally, if my doctor started talking about the metaphysical, I would be straight out the door. Then again, if it works for people and they aren't telling you to stop getting treatment for cancer or something (like certain notorious faith healers), I guess it is down to the individual.

  7. I met Dr Goldman last year in San Fran with Rigan Machado. He adjusted my neck and it was incredible. He is the real deal!


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  10. The practice of chiropractors is still a mystery to some patients. I'm glad that Goldman introduced this method of treatment to MMA fighters.

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  12. Wow! Just amazing how well-rounded this fighter is.

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