Thursday, October 13, 2011


There are just too many moronic and childish puns we can make about big balls and/or playing with them.  But, we're totally above that.  Or, are we?

Playing and/or exercising with balls is a good thing, a healthy thing.  But, it can be ... dangerous.  You need to know what you're doing and start out slowly (this is only what I've been told) in order to master your ball.  OK, I'm bailing on this line of humor.

Our brother from across the pond, John Sherwood, did us another solid and caught some more great footage of the one-and-only, Jeff Glover, just days before he claimed the bronze at the 2011 ADCC (beating Robson Moura no less).  Jeff's known for his abilities on the exercise ball.  The man has amazing skill and makes something that is nearly impossible to most look easy.  Don't break too many limbs trying this at home.


  1. Wow that's pretty cool. Would be a fun way to get some bjj workout in if you can't go to class for some reason. :)

  2. I tried the guard pull but cant figure out how you dont smash your balls on the ball. Hahaha

  3. Maybe its a good drill to wear a cup with? You know, protect your balls from the balls. :P

  4. Yep. looks cool. Works well if you weight 145. Doesn't work as well if you weigh 215. My ball popped in about 15 minutes doing the move seen at 1:20. The looks on my kids faces were priceless! So was the concussion blast that reverberated through my metal shop!


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