Monday, October 17, 2011


Over the past year, I've cross trained extensively in Judo and wrestling and I've noticed real improvements in my overall grappling game. Although I love Judo, sometimes it can be very hard to establish control or setup a throw on a BJJ player. BJJ practitioners have a habit of being ultra cautious and they don't carry the same posture that Judo players do and often times bend at the hips or pull guard immediately.

When you get a chance, load up some judo competitions on your computer (or check out our videos) and you will see Judo players engage in an almost straight up position.  They then proceed to go from 0-60 in a split second and undoubtedly someone ends up flying. It's obvious that, since BJJ is a different sport than wrestling or Judo, there are limitations on the cross over of techniques. Today, Joel Gerson shows us a beautiful set up and throw that can easily be added to your BJJ standup


  1. Megaton Dias uses this effectively in some of his fights. I like it. It gives us points and if it goes wrong (which if I am doing it is a great possibility) we are still in a safe position.

  2. was gonna say, yeah, carlos newton. that guy randomly pops up on the internetz every so often. there's a crazy story about him fighting a ton of people up in Canada I think, getting stabbed, etc.


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