Monday, October 10, 2011


All of us have weaknesses (I'm talking BJJ/submission grappling, not your weakness for bacon and bacon-related food products).  Some of us are not strong enough, others are not flexible enough or athletic enough.  Some lack heart.  Some lack brains.  We get hurt and we heal poorly.  Overall, it's weakness I speak of and we all got lots.  As a student or practitioner of the grappling arts, one of your goals is to try and minimize or overcome these weaknesses.  We refer to that that "getting better" and it' what we all strive to do.

You'd think Anthony Robles, 2011 NCAA Division One Champion, with his glaring weakness would be far worse off than us.  But, no.  The man seems almost unaffected by his apparent limitation. In fact, I don't think it's a limitation at all.
We at DSTRYR/SG are in awe of Robles.  No more excuses, grapplers. 


  1. Inspiring, amazing, and fantastic, good is his guard game?

    I kid! I kid! Much respect to a grappler who has accomplished much more than most. :D

  2. What would the best defense against this guy be?

  3. Hey, Anonymous. I can only imagine how good this guy would be at the Jitz. He dominates.

    Kuzushi - I suspect his style of wrestling and physique offer some crazy unique challenges for his competitors. Without one leg, he weighs more everywhere else. So, that's more power distributed to upper body, etc. The guys unstoppable.

  4. So, uh, what I'm getting from this DSTRYR, is that any grievous bodily injury could, in theory, be the best thing that ever happened to my jits.

    At any rate, I can at least console myself by being 85% sure I can out-run him. :D

  5. This guy is incredible and inspirational. Can't wait to see what he does next, probably cures cancer or swims the Atlantic or something equally awesome.
    and on the topic of body injuries being a good thing...

    An untreated injury from a kimura has made my left arm flexible as hell!


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