Monday, November 7, 2011


Photo: Dan Rod
The 2011 IBJJF No Gi Worlds has come and gone. Hopefully, you saw some of the great action. If you didn't, it's OK (we have low expectations of you). Check out a bunch of great pics courtesy of Graciemag here.  For me, the top stories are probably Cobrinha making it happen again, Caio Terra creating a legacy for himself and Raphael Lovato Jr. defeating Pablo Popovitch for the gold.

The only other thought I have on the NG Worlds is that it continues to fail to get the best of the best to compete (no Marcelo, Braulio, Galvao, Mendes Bros., Werdum, etc.). It's still a distant second to ADCC.  Hopefully that will change as the tournament gains popularity over time (this is only the 5th No Gi Worlds tournament).

Here's a quick lowdown of the black belt divisions:

• ROOSTER: Brandon Mullins wins gold for the 2nd time, defeating Joseph Capizzi 5-0
• LIGHT FEATHER: Caio Terra beats Laercio Lima in a pitch sweeps battle. Caio's 4th no-gi title. Afterward, he revealed he had little time to train due to injuries. Props to him, despite his overt fauxhawk.
• FEATHER: Cobrinha proves he's still the man, submitting last year's champ Justin Rader. Cobrinha decided at the last minute to compete, and, I believe, had to cut some serious weight.
• LIGHT: Lucas Lepri wins by advantage over Tanquinho. A 0-0 tactical battle.
• MIDDLE: Victor Estima wins via footlock sub over Thiago Aragão.
• MIDDLE HEAVY: Raphael Lovato Jr. defeats Pablo Popovitch (4-0). It's been a tough year for Weapon X. Huge props to RLJr.
• HEAVY: Lucas Leite over Tussa (Roberto) via advantage.
• SUPER HEAVY: Buchecha subs Antonio Peinado for gold.
• ULTRA HEAVY: Cyborg Abreu subs Ricardo Feliciano for gold.
• ABSOLUTE: Buchecha and João Assis close out the division, with Buchecha receiving the gold.

• FEATHER: Michele Nicolini subs Nyjah Easton for gold.
• LIGHT: Bia Mesquita wins 2-0 over Tracey Goodell
• MIDDLE: Rachel Leigh kneebars Emily kwok in a come-from-behind sub.
• HEAVY: Emily Wetzel subs Katrina Weilbacher fro gold.
• ABSOLUTE: Nicolina subs Bia Mesquita.

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  1. I'm not sure the IBJJF No Gi Worlds even ranks as second among no gi competitions: that would probably be the Abu Dhabi World Pro. The Mundials manage to keep the top spot in gi competitions because of prestige and history, but I wouldn't be surprised if that changed in future, now that there is viable opposition which offers prize money instead of just a medal.


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