Tuesday, November 22, 2011


More power to all of you grappling stars out there who can take great positions and nab submissions by going inverted from the guard.  It's certainly a radical way to attack an opponent.  Just over a week ago we saw Cobrinha very effectively apply this movement against Justin Rader in the finals at No-Gi Worlds.  And, Cyborg is making a career (and DVDs) out the the position.  But, is it a bread 'n butter position for most of us?  I don't know. 

I'm not coming down on the position or anyone who spends time working it.  The game is sick and if someone has the ability to catch fools from here he/she has a leg up.  That being said, Jiu Jitsu is an art with a vast, almost infinite, array of techniques, many of which are low percentage, even for the elite.  As a coach, I worry beginner and intermediate level grapplers gravitate toward techniques like this because they are exciting, and they may make the mistake of de-emphasizing the basics (e.g., simple sweep, closed guard attacks), which seem boring in comparison.

With that, I give you a wildly badass back attack off of the half guard by way of inversion (featuring Gabriel Rollo presented by Shoyoroll and Konde Koma BJJ, among others).  Don't get too excited, and keep drilling the basics.


  1. absolutely, this move is more of a "purple belt and up. I shot this video and I am a Checkmat purple belt. The concept of "Inverted Guard" is stressed in our team (Checkmat).
    It's a tough position to master. It takes a certain degree of flexibility and understanding of the different options given while in the half guard.
    Stress of basics and experiment with this transition.
    Get on the mat!

  2. Well said. Excellent job shooting, Anonymous.

    It's a great technique and inverted guard is a very cool specialty for those who can develop it.


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