Thursday, November 3, 2011


"Do you roll?"  That's a common question asked among those of the grappling persuasion.  It's not a literal question.  No. No one wants to know if you just roll around in circles on the ground.  "Rolling" is a term of art, a slang term, we use to describe training in submission grappling/BJJ in general.  Of course you know this.  You are here at DSTRYR/SG. 

And, what about the rolls themselves? Rolls, as we call them, are typically timed intervals, sparring matches for us grapplers (e.g., "I got in a bunch of rolls with the Simi Valley guys last night.  It was quite enjoyable and I choked many people in to submission.") 

Rolls are also small, usually round-ish pieces of bread (e.g., "I went off my Paleo diet last night and ate a bunch of sourdough rolls.  The Crossfit guys are going to mock me when they notice my body fat has increased.")  I try not to eat them.  But, when I do, I prefer something whole grain (and not merely multi-grain).

All of that being said, Matt Lindland uses the term roll more literally.  He granby rolls and he does so in just about every scenario in his MMA and grappling game.  As well he should. The granby roll is a versatile tool for anyone's ground game.  Check out this clip and learn from a true master.

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