Monday, November 7, 2011


If your unaware of Pablo Popovitch, it's probably time for you to turn off Desperate Housewives (I don't care that it's the final season) and watch some footage of master in action. He has over 20 years of grappling experience, hundreds of BJJ victories, and he is the 2009 ADCC Champ. Pablo is also admired for his amazing no-gi grappling and utilization of wrestling within his BJJ.

Over the years, I've noticed that most BJJ players lack many of the basic techniques found in wrestling. From my own experience, the only wrestling techniques that I formally learned were the bridge and the sit out. Cross-training in wrestling or Judo can often times tighten up the areas that we are most weak in (e.g., take downs and positional dominance). Check out Master Popovitch in this video where he demonstrates how to stop a shot, secure a front headlock, and then take the back. Enjoy and take notes grapplers.

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