Thursday, November 17, 2011


I think most of us who come from BJJ would agree that we all had high hopes for Roger Gracie in MMA.  At the same time, most of us knew he had some real holes in his overall mixed martial arts game.  In BJJ, he's almost untouchable or even invincible.  In recent years, when he's competed at Worlds and ADCC, he dominates and few came even hold their own with him.  But, in MMA, he's still kind of a beginner (with only 5 fights total under his belt).

So, it was sad and sobering to see Roger get KO'd by King Mo this September at Strikeforce.  Still, the dude is a true champ and watching the interview below, I think he's on the right path.  Roger seems like a humble guy, and he admits he needs to train differently and probably more seriously in order to be successful in MMA.  Here's hoping he does just that.

Side note:  He also says he'll keep competing in Worlds.  Priorities.  Check.

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