Saturday, November 26, 2011


As if you needed me to tell you this.  Still, if you watch the video below, you'll see not everyone got that memo.

So, yeah.  This video here, from what we can see  and put together from the comments, shows 2 blue belts competing in a BJJ tournament.  From stand up, the guy in the white gi seemingly accidentally (although maybe recklessly) knees his opponent in the face.  What follows is a cranky full-on retaliatory bitchslap from the guy who received the knee and then a lot of pacing and sulking. 

The video has about 23,000 views now - that's über insane viral by BJJ standards.  It illustrates how much we all enjoy a quality slap in the face, even in the BJJ tourney setting.

Here's my take on this, in brief - slapping an opponent is just bad form.  If I had a dollar for every time I've been kneed or otherwise smashed in the face while training (by elbows, heads, heels, etc.), I'd have at least $1,000 by now.  It's a rough sport, and stuff like this happens ALL THE TIME.  Recklessness should be avoided and everyone should make every attempt to avoid accidentally striking opponents/teammates, but it's still going to happen.  Retaliate like this (and videotape it) and ne'er-do-well (and super cool) grappling websites will put it on the internet and mock you. 

Grapple on.


  1. I've been kneed in the back of the head before, never thought about slapping the guy for it. insane.

  2. Only a novice grappler would use a bitch-slap in that situation. Most purple and above would use a more complimentary technique, such as the pimp-slap, perhaps even a full spanking. :D

  3. I train and compete in Thai now but the worst bumps and bruises I've ever sustained was when I was training bjj. You always get caught with stray elbows and hands but you don't slap people for it.

  4. great slap. well deserved IMO. haha!

  5. if you don't want to get hurt, take tai chi. BJJ is a rough sport and being a little bitch and intentionally slapping someone for was was obviously accidental contact, well, makes you a little bitch.

  6. That was one hell of a reckless knee.
    But That was probably one of the most immature and weak looking responses I've ever seen.
    Whatever point that was going to be taken away from the guy in white is now not and he looks like a d-bag.
    I can't imagine what king of pain in the ass training partner he must be.

  7. i hope that douchebag was dq'd, shit happens we dont slap eachother, if i got slapped it wouldve been on right there right then


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