Monday, November 28, 2011


While the rest of us were on a 4-day food eating-food-digesting-food-eating-food bender, Raphael Lovato Jr. was busy winning everything (weight class and absolute, brown/black belts) at this past weekend's San Antonio, TX Trials for the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championships 2012. 

First off, the tournament needs to shorten its name to something like the World Pro or even the WPJJ or something.  Second, and more importantly, thanks to the bros at, we get tons of great video content of Raphael Lovato Jr. doing his thing (I really wanted to say "thang," but it just sounds lame when I do it).

If you haven't yet had a chance to peruse these, check out all of RLJ's matches below. DSTRYR/SG has  always been a big supporter of Lovato Jr.  His lineage from Xande and Saulo Ribeiero is evident in his disciplined, methodical and cerebral style.  It's not flashy, but it's exceedingly effective and definitely something to aspire to for all grapplers.  He's on a roll, having won his 2nd consecutive No-Gi World title only a few weeks ago.

We must give huge props to (Mike Calimbas) for its coverage of this event.  We're sick of hearing ourselves whine and complain that our sport's major events gets lousy coverage (or none at all) and that our athletes get little media attention.   Check out the library of video content for this event alone here and the photos here.  We need a lot more of this.

Lovato Jr. v. Harbison:

Lovato Jr. v. R. Bastos

Lovato Jr. v. Holmes

Lovato Jr. v. Wagner

Lovato Jr. v. Santos


  1. Big arena, but no audience?

  2. Yeah, it was totally dead there. Low turnout both spectator-wise and competitor-wise. The coliseum was freezing cold, no corners/coaches allowed on the floor near the mats, and of 6 mats there were usually only 2 in use at a time. The tournament got off to a late start and generally seemed less-than-organized. All matches were 5 minutes long, too.

    Mike Calimbas consistently does a fantastic job of shooting stills and video at events. He deserves a big shoutout for his writing on as well.

  3. Yeah, no one wanted to travel out to SA for a tournament at the end of the season. Especially on a holiday weekend. Honestly, if it would have been in Austin, Dallas, or Houston, I would guess that a lot more people would have gone.

    Great coverage as always Mike C!


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