Saturday, December 24, 2011


So if your slow or stupid like me, you wait till the last minute to purchase gifts (even if it's for myself.) Well even though it's the day before Christmas it isn't to late to make your last minute purchases. Now there is no need to camp out in line or get trampled to fulfill your desire of owning 15 year old Jordans. You can purchase this Gi from the comfort of your Cheeto stained beanbag.

Well finally the long awaited final review of the Ring to Cage Elite Kimono. I have been wearing my Ring to Cage Elite BJJ Kimono for over two months now and without a doubt it's the best gi we have reviewed so far. As described in our unboxing post the gi is chock full of goodies. So I will quickly run through the features - the kimono has an injected foam molded collar, and a new super preshrunk tight weave that is smoother and softer than any other weave available in the market. It has a BJJ cut with shorter jacket and tapered arms, and roomy shoulders. The kimono has extra reinforced and taped seams, traditional drawstring waist, tons of extra belt loops, reinforced panels at the knees, and the crotch is triple gusseted and low cut. They even throw in a free high quality white belt with black bar for stripes.

My favorite feature is an ID/mouthguard pocket located on the inside of the jacket. A much improved idea upon the placement of some other gis and shorts that have you stuffing your mouthguard into the inside of your pants. It even has a velcro closure, hot diggity. Patches are at a minimum with the logo on the left arm and leg and the contrast stitching is a great visual addition.

This is by far my favorite and most high quality gi I have reviewed thus far and I would go out on a limb and say is it's on the same level if not better than Shoyoroll. After over two months of very hard wash and wear I have yet to find a popped drawstring, color fading, loose thread or exploding seam.

So if your in need of an awesome last minute gift or your just a selfish prick and you want it for yourself get up off your ass and order a gi from Ring to Cage. Mention DSTRYRsg and maybe you'll get something special, or not.

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