Sunday, December 4, 2011


This is a DSTRYR/SG Roy Lichtenstein "original."
Yeah, grappler.  We're clever as sh$t and we know that.  We're not cocky about it, just confident.  We're like the Floyd Mayweather of clever.

Here's the deal: it seems every website in the land does "link parties" and "link attacks" and "link fiestas" (or what have you) featuring listings of links to cool material.  So, why shouldn't we get in on that?  There are many, many stories, videos and other great content in the world of grappling that we can't get to during the week, so we'll now be hitting you with that in our HOT GRAPPLINKS posts, which we'll run on the weekends (Saturdays and/or Sundays). We also wanted an excuse to come up with a hot dog-related logo.  Done.

Yet another interview with Kyra Gracie.  We know you have a crush on her.  Just admit it.

Master Ricardo Cavalcanti/Clark Gracie/Ismael Mota showing a single leg defense.

The Draculino Travel Blog
.  He hangs out with some reptiles.

An interview with Gazzy Parman
.  You're creeping me out now, grappler.  Not sure you can do much with this one, unless you speak farsi. 

Jared Weiner, Bjj United, PA, demo'ing a very novel and super trick kneebar from the omoplata position.

Kid in Hawaii attacks a car thief.  No Jiu Jitsu to be found in this, but BJJ folks seemed to like it. 

Mendes Bros. seminar video trailer thing.

More to come, but chomp on that for now.

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