Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Apologies for the adult themed title, grappler.  We just couldn't help goofing on Forrest.  We think you can handle it though (that is to say, unless your 13 years old, in which case, sorry mom & dad).

You know this whole inversion trend in BJJ is out of hand when I'm busting the Berimbolo on the regular (my back thanks my black belt teammate for showing me his counter last night).  But, the truth is, the new school has become more and more institutionalized as the younger, world elite level competitors set the standard for present day BJJ.  Sure, there are the Kron Gracies and Roger Gracies who to compete at the highest level and apply little deep inverted guard technique in competition.  But, the trend, at least for now, is toward more and more inverted guard technique.  And, why not?  It works.

Check out a couple nuggets of inverted goodness we've enjoyed in recent days.

[Side note:  No one is claiming inverted guard techniques are new or recent, but my experience is that they have become increasingly prominent in the past couple years.  That definitely leads to more creativity from the position - casein point, these two techniques.]


  1. Damn my average levels of flexibility! Why can't the skull-ride or some similar big guy move be the currently fashionable position? :P

  2. thats not robson moura

  3. haha obviously not Moura, he says within the first 30 seconds his instructor showed him.
    That's like when Jacare Cavalcanti showed me deep half guard sweeps, but me saying they're from Jeff Glover because he's a big pioneer of DHG


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