Thursday, December 29, 2011


This will just take a second, grappler.  It's worth it though, and you can go right back to updating your Etsy store or crafting a witty Facebook wall post momentarily.  For now, let's talk about keeping side control. 

Anyone who's been training for more than a few days should be aware of the primary importance of passing the guard and sweeping from the guard (as well as the defenses from each position).  These positions and the techniques executed from them are at the core of your BJJ/sub grappling practice.  You drill them and you must learn them in order to advance and move on to executing submissions. 

Equally important are the dominant positions of side control and mount (and, yes the defenses from these positions).  As the attacker, it's essential that you be able to maintain these positions in order to begin any kind of submission game.  But, I don;'t need to tell you any of this.

OK, it's meat n' potatoes time:  watch this 2-minute primer created by the great Cobrinha (i.e., Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles, as I'm sure his mother calls him) featuring one of his favorite techniques for a cool transition you execute to stay in side control.  It's smooth as silk and, at the same time, simple and smart, as I'm sure you expected.

Side note:  Cobrinha looks to have diminished his fauhawk, and for that we commend him.

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