Thursday, December 1, 2011


Like you, I enjoy watching a punishing wrestling takedown as much as the next grappler ... almost as as much as I do watching a slick, boutique-y inverted submission.

We've said it before - we're not experts on freestyle/folkstyle wrestling.  No.  We're BJJ guys, who have huge respect and a lot of appreciation for all the grappling arts/sports (even the non-submission-based ones).  And, we know dope sh%t when we see it.

The dudes at Flowrestling really know their wrestling, and we thank them for sharing.  Check out a well-timed, very clean lateral drop from a recent dual match between UNC (Jon Burns) and Rutgers (Mario Mason). 

Something to work on over the holidays.

Oh, and here's a good, quick demo of the takedown, as performed by a 225lb coach on a 12-year old. Quality!

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