Monday, December 12, 2011


UFC 140 was glorious.  Hopefully you saw it and we can all nod back at each other (figuratively) with a gleeful expression of satisfaction having witnessed some of the best submission grappling/BJJ in MMA.  If you didn't see it, then this is going to be awkward.  You're going to explain that you had a holiday party to attend or were busy making a Christmas outfit for your Yorkshire Terrier, Helio, and I'm going to lose the minimal respect I have for you.  I'm just saying - it could ruin our friendship.

If you, somehow, did miss this UFC, then go find it somewhere and watch it.  You won't be disappointed.  There were a couple other subs, but it comes down to this:  (1) Frank Mir is a BJJ badass and he proved it by breaking Big Nog's arm in half via rolling kimura (ending in side control) and (1) Jon Jones is sickeningly well rounded - he guillotined Lyoto Machida unconscious from standing position.  The Mir sub was the highlight for me.  The fight itself was so frenetic and dangerous for both fighters; it was about as thrilling as MMA can get.

Check out the Bros Gracie doing a proper breakdown of the technical BJJ skills exhibited Saturday night.

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  1. Did you see Minotauro's X-Ray? It looked broken clear through. Ouch...


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