Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hey, grappler.  It's New Years Eve.  Almost 2012.  That means a lot of things, but, to me, it means the academy is closed and there is no no Jiu Jitsu today.  It blows, but we deal.

Last night, I stayed in and paid full freight for my own private viewing of UFC 141.  I think I was feeling rich because I saved so much money on my cell phone bill [this is a joke].   

There was little grappling to be seen, with one kickass exception:  Jimy "I'm Going to Repeatedly Judo Throw You" Hettes.  Despite missing the second "m" in his name, the dude killed it last night crushing Nam Pham with many takedowns and a lot of smashing (for a unanimous decison; Pham is a rock).  I'm not a Judo expert, but from my minimal knowledge, he employed Uchi Mata, O Soto Gari and Harai Goshi to get Pham to the ground throughout the fight (correct me, if I'm wrong).  In interviews after the fight he revealed he's still a BJJ purple belt and Judo brown belt.  But, last night he night he gave poor Nam a black belt butt kicking.

Go find an illegal feed or, better yet, pay Zuffa the full amount like I did (and be a baller) and watch this one.  For now, check out some of the grappling funtime images.


  1. O uchi gari, ko uchi gari, harai goshi... :) Needs to get someone to show him how to finish his arm bars though.

  2. Scott Epstein did. Go check ME's article.


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