Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The Shawn Williams, Lister Grip, Leg Loop Guard, do we need to continue?

Call it what you will, but with proper technique it's an effective guard. Check out the guys at Synergy BJJ utilizing the unorthodox guard that breaks down your opponents posture and limits his attacking abilities.

This style of guard has been used by BJJ players and fighters alike for example Nino Schembri, Jean-Jacques Machado, Shawn Williams and MMA fighters Dean Lister and George Sotiropoulos, amongst many others. The position is used to control and break the posture of your opponent and the techniques can easily be adapted for uses in MMA by eliminating the room need for your opponent to land effective strikes.

If your an inflexible fat kid like me my try sticking to closed guard that's if you can actually lock your cankles together.


  1. Eddie calls this London right? But it's been removed from the "system" I believe, it has some serious flaws.

  2. what kind of flaws?

    1. Eddie didn't know what to do when guys rotated and jumped over his head, since he couldn't figure out a counter he stopped teaching the position.

  3. Every guard has flaws that's why there are so many of them. This guard has no more flaws than rubber guard itself. In this guard(Williams Guard) the guy's weight isn't directly on top of you. Whereas, he's directly on top you until you clear the neck that's one of the big problems with rubber guard. Williams guard eliminates that issue because you take his head of the picture immediately instead of doing it three steps AFTER you've gotten to your setup position. Shawn Williams is supposed to be releasing a DVD on this guard in the near future.

  4. I used this guard to help me setup an arm bar in an mma competition. You can see it here at 50 sec. I drilled the heck out of this guard for months with strikes. If you noticed after you set it up you elbow the side of the head close to you. They have to defend with there far side arm.

  5. Go to Budo Videos - they have a clip of Shawn Williams showing Eddie what to do when the person jumps over from that position.


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