Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's no secret fellow grapplers, sucking down a six pack of beer and de-boning animal parts during every UFC event isn't the healthiest thing you could be doing. While the occasional splurge on crappy food and alcohol is normal, your regular diet could probably use some improvement. What else goes hand and hand with your food habits? Conditioning.

While most of us consider the hard work we put in on the mats to be sufficient, sometimes it just isn't enough. If you want to elevate your game, not get winded after rolling with a whitebelt, or just live a healthier lifestyle, additional conditioning is probably your answer. Most of us have seen the crazy workouts that MMA athletes endure during UFC Countdown shows, but a lot of us have yet to realize that all the top grapplers have also adopted extensive nutrition and strength/conditioning routines as well. So today we are going to overload your tiny brain with tons of conditioning. Our goal is to inspire you to train harder, eat better, and work out more.  But, we are pretty sure it might just depress some of you beyond help and you may have to turn to watching reruns of the Tyra Show for moral support.

Check out ADCC vet and Luta Livre extraordinaire, Andreas "Andyconda" Schmidt, kicking some ass with his FITALO Ring Training. Schmidt's FITALO system is an effective method of functional fitness training for the whole body.

And secondly we had to throw in a kick ass video from our buddies over at PTT that shows the rigorous conditioning they employ for their athletes.

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  1. I tried following Jeet Kune Do for a while and I owe my perfect abs to that discipline or martial arts, whatever it's called. If I may add, try employing that famous "300" routine from the movie of the same title. That gives more than just conditioning and can give you that ab-definition you've always dreamed of.


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