Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A sweet standing open guard pass followed by an armbar, yes please. Normally I would call this a Polish-style pass due to its origin but that would insinuate that the pass and armbar was never completed correctly [queue snare-hi-hat].  This year I got to celebrate a Polish-style Christmas, which means I ate about 10lbs of kieĊ‚basa and perogies over a two day span. I am sure that will do wonders for my top game. As for Polish BJJ players, most people have never heard of Tomasz Stasiak. I am sure he has had his share of fattening pork products and yet the Polish native could still kick all our asses. Tomasz is a BJJ blackbelt and an MMA fighter with an explosive and dynamic game. Check out this smooth no gi open guard pass that lands you in perfect position for an armbar. So squeeze yourself into that rashguard and go practice this sweet move.

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  1. Smooth & nice, but uh, the sleeve and collar grip make it something other than no gi, no?

    Heart your posts Demolisher! :)


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