Monday, January 16, 2012


Martial Arts were developed to be functionally used in battle and times of war. As time progressed most martial arts slowly evolved into a sport style of entertainment and competition. While sport martial arts are both fun to participate in and a great form of entertainment, one must realize that a significant part of the art and its origins are being lost.

Over the years, I have noticed more and more arts gravitate toward sport, including BJJ. On one hand, we can attribute its modern popularity to MMA and grappling competitions such as ADCC (which is awesome.) While on the other hand most schools teach this contemporary version of the art that often times has little or no functional self defense techniques or theories for real-life application on the street. As most of you should know pulling guard on concrete is not a logical nor effective method of self defense. Most students of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now days don't realize that "Helio's Style" of BJJ otherwise know as Japanese Jiu Jitsu contained a vast arsenal of techniques to counter both hand to hand attacks and attacks involving weapons. So, if your having difficulty finding an instructor that will focus on the attributes you most want, or you are not sure what you want out of BJJ leave it to our buddy Jeremy Arel to help you decide with a swift shock of a stun gun to your ass.


  1. The Gerbil is awesome lol.

  2. Jeremy Arel is a beast. Has an epic blog about his training in brazil when he received his brown and black belts from Gordo in Rio. It's on sherdogs forums. I suggest you all read it, if you havent already.

  3. I've been following Jeremy for a while and I think his vids are both excellent and hilarious.


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