Thursday, January 19, 2012


Growing up I was obsessed with Sesame Street, and I just had to have every product ever made surrounding myself and my play area. As I got older I realized that Sesame Street was just a few miles from my home, but despite that fact, my parents thought I was too old to play with puppets at the age of 18. It was time for me to move onto something a little more adult now that I was off to college. So, one quiet night I just happened to stumble upon a glorious show that made me laugh so hard I choked on and dropped my 7-11 Taquito on the beer stained carpet. My dreams had come true - an adult television show with puppets as the stars! This fantastic yet disturbing 30 minutes of joy was called Wonder Showzen. If you haven't seen it, like most, go watch it here and your head might just explode. I'm a visual learner and much like learning how to count via Sesame Street, I have aided my martial arts training by watching videos.

So that's what lands us here today. Your mission is to think of as many sweeps from guard as you can and, chances are, that you can't think of or show as many as Mr. Scully.  Once again, BJJ Black Belt Jason Scully impresses us with his onslaught of techniques from different positions. Today his focus is on guard sweeps which he details 51 of in less than seven minutes.


  1. The intention of posting this comment is, apart of course from saying that the video above is great, to give my congratulations to all the people working for the website. Providing first class educational material for grapplers, and adding the correct measure of humor and sarcasm (and self-sarcasm of course), while connecting all that cleverly with life and culture (a very-very important aspect I think) is the combination that places dstryrsg among the few notable exceptions in a grounded and pounded internet galaxy.


    Makis, Greece
    p.s Looking forward for a Dstryr t-shirt

  2. Makis:

    Huge thanks to you for the kind words. You made my weekend.

    When I started DSTRYR/SG, I just wrote about things I found entertaining in a way that amused me. It's great to hear that others are on the same wavelength and enjoy what we're doing. Keep coming back and we'll keep making the site better.

    T-shirts are on their way to now!


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