Saturday, January 21, 2012


That pretty much says it all.  Chock one up (or, should I say "Choke one up" - get it?) for BJJ and submission grappling.  Last night's UFC on FX: Melvin vs. Guillard featured 5, count'em 5, submission victories, 4 of which were good ol' RNC's (and one guillotine).  Jiu Jitsu wins! 

Of course, we've known submissions to be exceptionally effective in MMA since day-1, when Royce did his thing.  Last night's fights illustrate that even as the game evolves with wrestling and striking being more and more critical, subs are equally essential.  But, we already know this.  Still, it's fun to see it play out in such an obvious way as it did last night. 

Now, check out some sweet GIFS showing a few of those nasty chokes!

Jim Miller RNC's Melvin Guillard.

Khabib Nurmagomedov RNC's Kamal Shalorus.
Josh Neer's guillotine over Duane Ludwig.

Daniel Pineda RNC's Pat Schilling (after blasting his face).

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  1. Daniel pineda should won sub of the night for his 97sec rnc


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