Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's a shame Jared Leto is such an effeminate weirdo.  He's a good actor and despite him being the lead in one of my favorite movies, I still despise him nonetheless. I am actually glad Tyler Durden took out my anger on him a few years ago which has left him pretty much unable to recover. Anyway today we are talking about a crazy entry into a belly down anklelock straight from Japan. Last time I saw something like this, I was still in my teens cheering on Jennifer Connelly in her most famous role as "that chick from the ass to ass scene." So lets get to the point, because we have had enough darkness and emotion in this post to write a Fall Out Boy a song. Anyway, I can just envision using a turnover from the turtle position, picking the ankle, and stepping over for the belly down ankle lock. And as with most submissions from the belly down position, this is extremely tight and of course hard to escape [That's what she said.] Watch these Japanese Sambo masters do work, and next time you find your partner in the turtle position, think to yourself "What would Jennifer Connelly do?"


  1. this article has one of the weirdest intros of any dstrysg article i ever read, and i think i've read most of them.,

    anyway it made me laugh and i'm heinously depressed so thanks DEMOLISHER. plus it's about sambo which is like all i care about except kettlebell training.,

  2. any physical conditioning really,..,.

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