Friday, January 13, 2012


Let's take care of a couple of a couple of items first.  We realize sweepery isn't a real word.  We have spell check just like you, but it sounded cool at the time.  Next, I once swore I'd never succumb to the whackness that is the Run DMC logo parody.  I failed, but I'm blaming it all on Romulo.

On to the good stuff.  Rominho (Romulo Barral) needs no introduction.  Among his many titles and championships, he's a 2X World Champion, and he's arguably in the top 5 - 10 grapplers in the world (I place him high up there with Marcelo, the Mendes brothers, Cobrinha, Roger, Braulio, Jacare, Rodlofo and Lovato Jr., Galvao and Popovitch [who did I miss here?]).  He's apparently a good teacher too and has a strong young academy here in Los Angeles.   

Romulo's got one of the best open guard games in the Universe and an almost unpassable guard.  Check out his 24-second preview of the a new new technique from Romulo.  It's a variation of a De La Riva sweep I've seen him show before.  Check it.    

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