Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well people it's 2012, we have survived to live another year. Although some of you may have thought you were close to a near death experience this past New Year's Eve, it's more likely that it was just you and the toilet on a long voyage of sickness. Now that we've made it to a new year we have less than 12 months to enjoy life to the fullest before the world ends - just like those damn Mexicans predicted. That would leave the world inhabited by roaches and rats and a possible Ninja Turtle or two. Those f*^kers can survive anything. I hate rodents like most people and up until Sunday I only ever liked one rodent; he's a rat, and his name is Splinter.

Why am I talking about the apocalypse and vermin? I don't know, really.  Possibly because I had to remove a rotting mouse from my closet wall that somehow happened to wedge itself between flooring and the sheetrock, (pictures not included for your sake) which will traumatize me for the remainder of 2012.

Now onto today's real topic - The RAT.

About two weeks ago we featured some sweet moves from the guys at Synergy BJJ utilizing the Leg loop guard. Today we have yet another addition to the family from the masterminds over at Radical MMA NYC. They have developed the Loop/London/Lister/Williams guard into an MMA specific guard named "The Rat." And yes this will require you to learn the guard system and all of it's positions using weird analogies as names. Check out the Rat and try to implement this into your game tonight!


  1. where is the video?

  2. I've discovered that having a bodybuilder physique (thick limbs) makes it really difficult to play these types of guard (loop, spiral, haven't tried rat yet). Sad face.

  3. You're just to buff for this guard, Anonymous 2.

  4. Marcelo has some tree trunk legs dude, and he uses the loop. I could actually see thick limbs making rat guard tighter, but I havn't tried it out yet. Class starts in a few minutes though so I'll have bust it out. Looks pretty cool. Simple but effective.

  5. Thanks for the plug. We are trying to be innovative in an MMA concept. Some people are not flexible enough to do rubber guard and I think the Rat Guard offers some good opportunities for defending GnP. In answer to the above, we have a lot of big guys doing the rat guard here with no problem. there are actually three distict Rat Guard grips we use some are easier for larger people. Anyway thanks for everyone's support - Radical MMA NYC


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