Thursday, January 26, 2012


Now most of us grapplers are well aware of Alvaro Romano's Ginastica Natural - his system fluidly combines grappling movements with body-weight exercises. Ginastica Natural has continued to grow in popularity with grapplers and MMA fighters alike. I for one like Romano's system and have used it quite a bit. Now ponder utilizing actual gymnastics as part of your work out routine. No, we haven't gone silly from watching to much Ellen.  This shit is legit! Many of you might remember GSP tumbling and jumping around like Kerri Strug in preparation for his last few fights. So, ask yourself, who needs kettlebells, TRX, crossfit or bootcamp when you have good old gymnastics?

Check out a new gymnastics class available at Erik Paulson's CSW Academy - yes you heard correct, gymnastics. Now this doesn't mean you'll be rolling around like an 8-year old girl, although I know a few grapplers that still do. Just take a close look at these functional exercises; all of them are body weight specific and most, if not all, go hand in hand with BJJ/grappling. Long before Mr. Paulson became the MMA/Grappling mastermind that he is, he was a gymnast (believe it or not).

Listen, if it's good enough for GSP, it's good enough for me!

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  1. I want to enroll my child on a gymnastics for toddlers and I wonder if there's a class available at this gym? My daughter loves to roll and do a lot of gymnast stuff so I'm thinking if you could help me find where there's a gymnastics class for them.


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