Thursday, February 9, 2012


Even though I don't employ these techniques very often, I'm always fascinated by chokes you complete with your own (or your opponent's) lapel.  I just like what it says.  It tells a very short story that goes something like "Hey, I'm really good at Jiu Jitsu.  So good, I'm now going to choke you unconscious using the apron of my gi.  Wake up and try not to be embarrassed.  The end."  Something like that. 

Ary Farias is another phenom and a World Champion - he closed out the Light Feather division with Atos teammate, Guilherme Mendes, in 2011.  This guy's like 21 and still getting better.  I remember seeing that video of him at 18 years old (a purple belt) rolling and just owning another kid.   Well, he's all growed up up now; he's super yoked (all natural, I'm sure) and even traded in his long moppy hairdo from some kind gigantic pompadour thing.  We approve. 

Check out Ary going over some chokes he likes from side control.  Both employ the use of your own gi material.  I tried them last night, without ever drilling them and failed pretty miserably.  But, drilling for losers, right?

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