Monday, February 6, 2012


I have a far fetched theory that there's something in the water at a lot BJJ academies these days (other than the water).  I think it's a little bit of the lessor known, but definitely real, mineral called Invertium.  I'm not sure if it's bad for your health, but I know it has some serious side effects on your BJJ game.  And, no, I didn't just make this up.

Let's distill what we're about to see down to the critical facts.  Fact 1: We all love Jiu Jitsu.  That's why we train all the time, despite  painful and nagging injuries and at the expense of painful and nagging relationships and careers.  Some of us even create strange websites associated with our sport, and some of us visit those websites (we hope frequently).  We know this and we all accept it as good thingFact 2: We also love ourselves some fancy submissions.  Don't deny it, grappler.  Just accept it.

When the bros at Jits Magazine shared this clip with us last week, we thought of you and we knew you'd enjoy it.  It's Part 4 of a series of attacks from open guard by Beto Carmones, and it has some serious fancy inversion going on.  The rest is self-explanatory.  


  1. im curious to see how this would work with the leg going in, rather than out and around, kinda like a flavio canto's ashi jime

  2. Nice technique!
    The Invertium in the water is adding some funky flavour!!


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