Monday, February 20, 2012


Throughout my martial arts experience, including that of grappling/BJJ, I've found that, without a doubt, the most effective techniques are usually the simplest. Recently, I've noticed how I fall into common habits or "paths" while grappling and often times neglect some of the easiest most fundamental techniques that I learned in my first few weeks of BJJ. This week, Emyr "Shark" Bussade (care of BJJWeekly) shows us a series of high percentage sweeps that are extremely effective in sparing and competition.

You might be asking yourself, who is this Emyr guy and why is his name "Shark." Well Mr. Shark has long been connected to the Carlson lineage and has followed it throughout it's many splits. He eventually migrated to BTT and then to ATT where he attained his Black Belt under Ricardo Liborio. Emyr is an experienced MMA competitor and accomplished grappler, he was also the 2001 Mundials Champ. So take our advice, this guy knows what he's talking about and it's best you stay off his mats or as Emyr likes to call them - his water.

So pay attention, take notes, and tripod sweep away with Mr. Shark and his helpless victims.

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