Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I remember, years ago, when I heard the nickname Raspberry Ape, the first thing that my demented mind tried to do was file it along with the other funny titles for sexual exploits like the Jelly Donut or Rusty Trombone. As I would later learn, I was horribly wrong and if I ever encountered this Raspberry Ape - Mr. Strauss would surely have the ability to kick my ass and re-index my mental filing system. So, lets focus on the topic of the day - The Omoplata.

The Omoplata is a shoulder lock very similar to the kimura that utilizes leg pressure as leverage against your opponent's arm. Now, most people find it rather difficult to finish or wonder what options are available from this position. That's why Dan Strauss, otherwise known as the 'The Raspberry Ape' is here to explain. Dan favors attacking the readily available foot while maintaining the omoplata position. Check out the technique and give it a try tonight grapplers (the submission, not the other stuff from paragraph one. That's just gross.)

[Note:  Special thanks to Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine for a job well done on the video.]

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  1. If your opponent turns into you, you can also straighten your left leg and hook it under his far side armpit and finish with a straight armlock. Just an idea...!


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