Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Art by Hillary Williams

"I don’t think it is fair to train as hard as we do … dedicate our lives and, when we win, we receive a medal, an article or a photo in a magazine – It is not enough.  We deserve much more than that."
- Rodolfo Vieira, 2011 HW and Absolute IBJJF World, Pan and World Pro Cup Champion
We agree 100%. 

Note: Thanks again to Jits Magazine for some great work.


  1. No asses in seats, no payday. Sorry Rodolfo, I agree with you but jiu-jitsu isn't very spectator friendly and that means there isn't much chance of things changing anytime soon.


  2. I agree, Bill. Although there is an argument to be made that the IBJJF could afford some pay out, given the revenues from the major tournaments.

    The World Pro pays, and it doesn't have the spectators. It does have big money backers though (Abu Dhabi).

    It's unfortunate, because, while the sport is advancing rapidly and the athletes are achieving greater degrees of prowess (on par with other high paying pro sports), there is no real payoff for them. It would be a shame if the sport eventually dwindles because of this.

  3. It is the same for almost any one out side of the big "pro" sports (basketball, hockey, soccer and so on). Even the UFC is on the low end of the pay scale considering the audience. Most Olympic athletes have to get by on nothing and get lots of help from friends and family. I think that's the choice you have to make, hobby or job and deal with the outcome. If you want a nice car, get a job.

  4. Artists could make the same claim - the bums.

  5. Just because you dedicate your life to something doesn't mean others should pay you for it. Why should we subsidize your decision to pursue something that's fun for you? If you stop, almost nobody cares. In the real world, People get paid to do things that others want them to do, that's how the grown-up world works.

    If there was a big heap of money in the sport that the athletes weren't getting a fair piece of, that would be one thing, but there's no money. Nobody is willing to pay, because you don't give them anything worth the money. How hard is that to understand? If you want money, get a job.

  6. ive seen local karate tournaments with less spectators find ways to give out money. their is absolutly no excuse for the amount of people in comparison to a bjj comp that they couldnt do it.

  7. Perhaps MMA could be better choice for making some money. At least if you are damn successful in it.

    Or move into USA and start your own gym. I'm quite sure that eg. Marcelo gets his money from there.

  8. Yeah I'm going to have disagree and dislike. Do it for the love of the art and the sport. You can always have a school some other revenue generating thing if you're broke. Paying will only degrade the quality and genuineness of the art, turning it into a sellout commercial enterprise like the ufc or some pro wrestling thing.


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