Wednesday, February 29, 2012


No doubt about it, videos of the world's best guys rollin' are truly a special thing.  They give you a good glimpse in to the mindset and creativity of a a grappler.  We've said this many times.  It's another way for you, as the student, to acquire knowledge and, in the end, improve your own skills. 

Check out the is very recent roll between Rafa Mendes and purple belt, Darson Hemmings.  The free-flowing nature of this non-competition, low key roll tells a different story than the usual videos you see of Mendes warring opponents in competition.  It's kind of like watching Manny Pacquiao sparring during camp, or watching a professional eater casually dominating a few Chalupas and/or some Hot Pockets during lunch.

Watch for the front head and arm transition to the reverse triangle to the armbar in the last few seconds.  Slick.

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  1. nice vid, but I wouldn't call it "free-flowing", rafa does exactly what he does in competition except for the pressure, he closes the game, he gives no chance to the purple belt, he takes no risk. marcello or robinho REALLY roll fluidly on some other vids you may have posted :)


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