Thursday, February 16, 2012


Innovation!  Without it we'd still be rolling around on dirt and/or some woven palm fronds ... in the dark ... with no Spandex®.

Innovation has everything to do with BJJ and it's growth.  When I started training in 1998, the Internet was still expanding and there was little or nothing on BJJ.  YouTube was 7 years away from existing. Nearly all technique was learned and developed internally through your academy.  The only other widely used implements for gaining knowledge came form VHS tapes, magazine and books.    It was expensive and time consuming.  Innovative technique flourished, but no where at the level it does now.

Let's cut quickly to today (because who has time to read): in 2012, we have a massive, almost infinite, resource of video technique and competition footage at our fingertips via YouTube and other online video souces (e.g. Vimeo, Daily Motion).  It's pretty incredible and it's helping the sport/combat art of grappling/BJJ grow at an almost exponential pace. 

Enough of me talking.  Watch this very slick, smart (and seemingly achievable) Berimbolo-type sweep from Renato Tavares.  Innovation!!

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