Friday, February 3, 2012


Actually, it won't do sh*t for your sub-par armbar, grappler.  But, it will give you some world class, bounce-off-the-wall energy and it's tasty (even without the vodka). 

Sadly, DSTRYR/SG is not my livelihood.  Not quite.  I have to work a gnarly regular jackoff kind of job and I get pretty burned out like you all do.  And, of course, I need energy to be able to train at night (the SG stands for submission grappling, duh).  I normally pound me some fancy coffee right about midday, but Red Bull is fine alternative. 

It's simple.  When you are feeling low energy before your Jiu Jitz workout, go drink a bunch of Red Bull.  You'll be passing fools guards right and left, we promise.  Or, at least you tap with tremendous energy.  Either way, we have a cool sponsor, so we're not sweating it.

Now watch the commercial.  Please.


  1. Good god. Less of this shit, please.

  2. Four ads on site design, plus now the content is becoming an ad with an embedded ad video. Jesus christ.

  3. Dude, Red Bull is a tasty energy drink that gives you wings... what more do you want.

    But on a serious note; DSTRYRsg is one of the best sg websites I've ever come across. I can unequivocally say that it has helped my BJJ game (I'm still using the Ricardo Almeida sweep and leg-drag pass very effectively in my game now, and have built on it). The ammount of quality content they put out is amazing, and I'm positive that it's done for the love of all things grappling and not for the money. Unfortunately, love (of grappling at least) doesn't pay for the running and maintaing of a website. What pays for that are sponsors and advertising. Now, for the ammount of quality content and humorous commentary (I'm being kind) they put out here, I think it more than makes up for the occasional sponsor's message here and there.

    As a side note, here's a view by Nate Quarry (it's about a fighter's perspective, but the principle remains the same):

    1. Word. I agree with this guy. I've at picked up at least a couple technical gems from this site to work with and any site that improves my actual game even .0001% is worth my time.

      Also, I'm pretty sure its been proven that ad revenue to a blog is like subs to a grappler. Without them DSTRYR and Demolisher would get bored and move on to a blog about casserole recipes or something. So go by one of those DSTRYR t-shirt or something and prevent this! :D

  4. OMG how dare you post an ad wtf we expect you to do this stuff fo free brah. You sold out homie. You shouldn't need sponsors to create banners and write posts and scour the internets. You have offended my bushido brah but you don't even know what that is. Blah blah blah STFU

  5. Yeah, At first I was really really annoyed. I avoid ad's like the plague but like the comment above pointed out. This is the world we live in and nothing is free. I love this site and will continue to support it.

  6. I completely agree with Roby G.

    For the anonymous whiners - why would you complain about a few ads on this website when you're constantly bombarded by ads via Facebook and every other site/app/blog? I'm sure you ignore it on those sites, why not ignore it on here?

    (clicking on Toms Shoes advertisement on the side banner)

  7. You all rule (even the grouchy guys)!!

    Jiu Jitsu.

  8. Noone understands sarcasm...le sigh

  9. ignore the haters. pay the bills and make some $$ to cover the production costs and time invested in this site. there's actually not a ton of BJJ news sites that operate if you hunt around the internetz.

    i too love "Hhhwheat thins"


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