Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We get it.  You don't have time to watch every single minute of every single BJJ tournament.  You're too busy buying grip enhancing devices and working on your inverted x-guard sweeps.  Settle down.

You have been warned.  This match is 10+ minutes and it really only gets good after the 9:30 mark.  I mainly posted it to illustrate how very bizarre Ryan Hall's game has developed.  He's basically lying in wait from a fully inverted position for 8 minutes. 

What do you think of this style?  I, myself, am unsure.  I know it's effective and he's great at what he does, but at the same time, it's very odd and defensive.  I guess it's like being a counter-puncher in boxing.



  1. I am all in favor of innovation in BJJ. I think it is a fundamental reason why so many of us continue to be in love with this sport. That being said, I think innovation should follow a natural progression (I think the Miyao twins and Mendes brothers are perfect examples of this at work). Hall seems to be striking in a radically new direction without sufficient experimentation and development. The result (at least as it appears to me), is a somewhat incomplete new style that he is playing.

  2. innovation takes time, we will see if he can elevate this style he's playing into something big, or if it becomes a fad like countless other "innovations" we have seen over the years

  3. Ryan Hall's opponent deserves at least half of the blame for the 1st 8 minutes. If someone doesn't want to engage your guard, this is what that looks like.

  4. I've watched this match now twice, and despite the sloth like pace for the first 8+ minutes, I enjoyed it technically.I don't believe Bruno played the right strategy ( for fearing the triangle and/or omoplata ,thus possibly exposing a weakness in his game to defend and/or escape those submissions ?), initially, but he did manage to pass Hall's guard , which lead to something even more awesome in my book; a thundering judo throw executed by Ryan Hall! Also, it was cool see Ryan hit the rolling back take, but it was also interesting to see how Bruno denied the roll several times. I think in the near future , Ryan Hall will an answer for a follow up technique if the initial roll attempt doesn't work. Overall, the ref is also to blame , because he let them stall

  5. The way Ryan Hall reacted after the result kind of annoyed me, you don't have a right to be that pissed off when you have barely done anything. Watch Rafael Mendes' clip from the some tournament he actually went after the win.

    1. you're definitely right about hall reacted , but to his credit, you see him check himself, because he realized that sometimes when you lose you can only blame yourself. besides when rafa lost last year to tanquinho in abu dhabi he didn't act any different, in fact he acted worse, by airing his complaints publicly


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