Wednesday, February 22, 2012


93 (ninety-three) is the natural number following 92 and preceding 94, it's also the atomic number of neptunium, an actinide. You know what else is interesting - the sun is approximately 93 million miles away from the Earth, at the age of 93 Estelle Frendberg ran the Senior Olympics and won 2 gold medals, 93 the international direct dial code for phone calls to Afghanistan and on November 12, 1993 the first UFC took place in Denver, Colorado. So within two sentences, one of which is a perfect example of a "run-on," you have learned more than you ever could have sitting at your desk filling out TPS reports. For those of you who are unable to process these amazing numerological facts, this post is really about Denis Kang and his guard, which of course is named after the number 93.

For years, Denis Kang was one of my favorite fighters, I remember watching Pride FC and seeing throw down with the best in the world at the time. His dominance and toughness did not migrate over to the American MMA scene though. In fact, like most fighters who spent a majority of there time fighting in Japan, something is lost in transition or translation. Well regardless of Denis's record, he is still a bad ass BJJ Black Belt and today he shows us the ins-and-outs of the 93 guard. For you noobies out in grappleland, the 93 guard is a variation of halfguard where your shin and knee are creating a barrier between you and your opponent (also see Shield Guard or Shin Guard).  As you can imagine, this hybrid guard play opens up a variety of transitions, sweeps and submissions from a dynamic position. A best of both worlds if you will. So, take a look at Kang demonstrating an onslaught of moves from the 93.


  1. always cool to see a well renowned mma fighter put on their gi, and showcase some of their style & skills !

  2. How are you going to name it 93 Guard and then not use '93 Til Infinity for the music?


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