Friday, March 2, 2012


You're sitting there in your dry-cleaned #17 of of Hundo heather grey Competidor Kimono (hopefully adorned with a DSTRYR/SG gi patch - buy one!), with your manicured, well-maintained and fashionable cauliflower ear and your trendy rash-guard thinking "Of course I can handle a little Sambo highlight video deal thing."  But, can you really, grappler?  Do you have the heart?

Sambo is not for sissies.  They don't play the Lagarto-guard and look for a fancy 2 point sweep at minute 8 of the match.  No.  They throw down and fast.  Our brothers at the American Sambo Association (ASA) and ISWA, the International Submission Wrestling Alliance (namely, DSTRYR/SG contributor extraordinaire and CACC/Sambo practitioner/instructor, Martin Roy) filmed nearly all (or, at least, the important) matches at the ASA & ISWA North American Throwdown that went down this past weekend.   They stoked us out by giving us an exclusive on the highlight video for today.

Most of us train BJJ and some kind of BJJ-based no-gi grappling.  Sambo and CACC (catch-as-catch-can, for those a little slow on the uptake) are sister arts are there's clearly a lot of crossover among them (along with Judo, wrestling, etc.).  But, they play differently in tournaments due to the rules.  For Sambo, there are no points for sweeps, mount or guard passing and points awarded for maintaining a pin.   See for yourselves.  It's badass.  Plus, they get to wear the funky outfits! 

Check out the burly highlight below right now and be sure to visit:


  1. Cool, thanks for sharing. As far as cool submissions and throws go, check out and go to Russian championships. Wicked stuff.

  2. I am pretty sure that Sambo is definitely not for the average type of person. It takes a lot of skills and strength in order to get qualified in participating in tournaments such as these and I don't think many of us have what it takes. The video was educational and a bit frightening to the edge, coz I can't bear thinking that hurt quite a lot.

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