Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is one of those things that is so obvious and ridiculously easy, chances are you don't do it. I, for one, haven't until recently when I took a class with my old instructor and we drilled the technical standup in various positions with pressure. Later that week I implemented the strategy during some MMA sparring and I seemed to surprise my partner by not falling back for a sweep/sub or going to my knees for a takedown. Think back and try to remember the last time your training partner stood up instead of pulling guard, or scrambling to get on top - it's probably a rarity but can be very effective. Liam and Marcus Flanagan of VT1 Gym  are back with with this great tutorial and strategy to add to your grappling repertoire. In this video they demonstrate a technique to help you get back to your feet on the mats or in the cage. Don't forget grapplers, this is also very important in self defense:  Neutralize your opponent and get the f*ck out!

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  1. Dont plant your toes on the mat when doing the hip bump sweep. You'll break your foot.


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