Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Grappler, we don't mean to prey on your fragile ego.  Nope.  We just want to you man-up now and again.  Perhaps you can start by easing up on the facial hair sculpting and excessive use of "product" (and don't call it that).  Then go on to training more and not complaining so much about your torn ACL or "hairline" fractures.   Be strong for once.

It's no secret DSTRYR/SG admires the burly, tough as nails, somewhat gnarled  grapplers.  Tarsis Humpreys fits that mold for us with his technical and at the same time very aggressive style (see also, Kron Gracie, Andre Galvao).  The beard don't hurt neither (sic).

Check out this simple and very kickass elevator-type sweep off the lasso armlock as demo'd by Tarsis.  I tried this over the weekend in sparring and had some success off the bat.  You got this. 

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