Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Admittedly, I'm pretty much 100% Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Sure, I spent many years doing collegiate style wrestling in high school, but, at this point, my Fireman's Carry is about as effective as your sad excuse for a hip escape.  Not very. 

Catch Wrestling is pretty pure, medieval and brutal sh%t.   And, that ... is great.  It's related to BJJ as a wolf is related to a German Shepherd.  It's not that it's unrefined or more basic than BJJ, it just (seemingly, to my uneducated eye) never developed to the chess-like sport that BJJ has become.  And, in many ways that is a very good thing.  Plus, you get to crank the crap out of dude's necks and do all kinds of gnarly things to their torsos and knees. 

Watch this awesome clip on the revival of the famous catch wrestling club founded by legendary CACC practitioner and coach, the late Billy Riley, called the Snakepit in Wigan (which somewhere in England).  One of Riley's last students, Roy Wood, recently started teaching the old, dark art at this historic CACC mecca.  Enjoy this and be sure to bust an illegal calf crusher on one of your teammates tonight!!   


  1. I'm not sure if the author is using the phrase "chess-like sport" in a good or bad way.

    If he is using the phrase in a good way, I would have to say that at one point, Catch Wrestling had DEFINITELY developed into a "chess-like sport".

    People are waking up to the fact that the Catch Wrestling philosophy of grappling is probably the most efficient method for no-gi submission grappling, and MMA.

    If you are trying to win, you have to GO FOR IT!! And that's exactly what Catch Wrestling does.

  2. All contemporary exponents of catch wrestling are either Japanese (Sakuraba, Minowa, Kitaoka) or Japanese educated (Barnett, Paulson). I don't know what importance a 'resurrected' catch school in England may bear other than historic reference.

  3. Roy Wood trained alongside the guys(the like of Billy Robinson) who thaught those mentionned above...
    Its not so much resurrected, its the interest in Catch that has "resurrected".
    Roy had been teaching Freestyle, till said interest got him back teaching Catch.
    Look at the clip, he is 70 yrs old, and he got game!

    DSTRYR; Catch is like a chess match too, but one with a chess clock set on fast!!

  4. i read an amazing book about catch wrestling written by an old english wrestler who went to america to fight during the golden age of wrestling. no-one seems to have heard of the book though it really is good and full of great stories. it's called 'blue blood on the mat'.

  5. Kimura introduced Catch Wrestling's Double Wrist-Lock to Brazil when he squared off against GJJ/BJJ patriarch Helio Gracie and had it named in his honor.

  6. i study an awesome guide about capture struggling published by an old british wrestling basics who went to the united states to battle during the fantastic age of struggling. no-one seems to have often observed of the guide though it really is good and complete of great experiences. it's known as 'blue blood vessels on the mat'.


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