Thursday, March 29, 2012


I admit I'm a De La Riva Guard convert.  Less than a year ago I was anti and now I'm pro (but not a pro).  I'm just like that guy from the Bible that was all about persecuting Christians until God knocked him off his ass/donkey and he then became an apostle.  I think he was later beheaded, which is kind of off topic.  Or is it?

People like playing the DLR guard because, let's face it, that sh*t works.  Otherwise, people wouldn't be playing it.  All this means that the DLR techniques, particularly for sweeping, are being used more and more commonly.  Which, in turn, means you must learn to defend them when you are the player on top.  As the DLR techniques get more advanced from the guard, the top techniques for passing and defending must similarly advance. 

That brings us to this manly DLR guard pass by Caio Magalhães, an MMA fighter and BJJ black belt from Brasil (and, brought to us by Graciemag).  I love this technique. It's vicious and logical, and it's something I haven't seen (not exactly).  Sadly, this technique vid went unnoticed, and we think that's a shame.  So, learn this and blast that slick DLR kid in class tonight (you know the one and so do I).


  1. I wish there was some way to trim these videos; I have time to watch a 2 minute or less one, but not 5 or 12.

    1. haha dear god, this internet generation...

    2. Haha. The new abbreviated attention span ... we cater to it!!

  2. If you only have a minute or two, just skip ahead and try to watch the move demo'd once or twice. I do that sometimes, when I'm pressed for time. If you like the technique, you'll come back to it and study it in greater detail.

  3. That is a great variation from a DLR pass that is already very effective for me. Cannot wait to work on this in the gym tomorrow.


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