Thursday, March 15, 2012


I have always admired martial arts as a form of self defense above any sporting aspect they may evolve into. Practical self defense is a necessity that too many people seem to neglect. Even fellow grapplers all to often rely on the sporting aspects of grappling and not the far less dangerous yet highly effective control, restraint and escorting methods. Now, some may argue the point that these aspects are one in the same, but I'm sure a majority of grapplers would have trouble utilizing their knowledge in a non-lethal manner that reduces as much liability as possible. Maybe I am reading into this to much but, say the bad guy decided to sue you after an altercation, the fact that you are a skilled martial artist with years of training and knowledge will be a factor you may have to fight against in court.

So, my point is while grappling self defense is a necessity for everyone including for us grapplers, a right frame of mind will always prevail.

Anywho, enough solemn discussion, watch this crazy video of Ryan Hall and his crew of grapplers, including fellow BJJ Black Belt Dave Jacobs, confront and crazed lunatic with a relentless hunger for a lighter.

And remember kids: "Like, if this was different circumstances, we would be like smoking pot and drinking..." 

*In no way does DSTRYRsg condone illegal activities including the consumption of alcohol under the age of 21. We love you. 


  1. Ryan's patience with the situation and self-control while mounted are to be commended. I have seen very nice people snap and inflict some terrible damage in similar situations.

    1. Good point. I was thinking the same thing when I watched it.

  2. Was that Dave Attell?

  3. This video seems to be everywhere right now. When I saw it for the first time I was pretty amazed by Mr. Hall's technique, Patience and how effective jiu-jitsu is for self-defense. After some reflection, a few questions popped out. Sorry to play devil's advocate here but if someone can help me clarify them, I would appreciate it.
    1. Why the restaurant's management isn't more proactive in resolving this case? The threat of physical violence is there. It takes cops almost 10 minutes to show up ( ok, I can take that), and they just happen to be outside when Ryan takes the guy out?
    2. After everything, the guys is not arrested and he is still allowed to go inside the restaurant?
    Let me know what you think.

    1. 1- well for the resto doin nothing its clearly not everyone who is a bjj world champ and even he wanted to avoid the situation as much as possible.. wat u want the lady to do.. mount him lol!?!? There is a low % of ppl who kno what to do.. who want to get involved and who have the balls to step in.. and that
      2- I think the cops thought and realized he was just piss drunk and out of this world.. maybe the buddy talked him outta it and the cops cut him a break and he came to his senses.. some cops are nice ppl but i dun agree wit a slap on the wrist either.. this dude was "in a mental INSTITUTION!!!" lol.. but just maybe the cops thought "this guy got choked unconscious by a bjj world champ.. I think its a lesson that will stick" and figure a night in the drunk tank wouldn't snap him outta his psychosis anymore than that did


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