Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yeah, grappler.  There are a few videos circulating out there that people made by recording the Budovideos' stream of Pan 2012.  The quality is bad and we'd just feel toolish if we were to post them here on DSTRYR/SG.  We like to think we're good citizens of the greater grappling community and we don't think Budo Jake would appreciate it.  So, we're not doing it.  If you want to watch them, it's pretty simple and we think you can handle it despite your learning disability (and definitely check out Rafa Mendes vs. Cobrinha - it's pretty unreal Jiu Jitsu).

For some reason, highlighting a couple of interesting moments caught on video by an iPhone wielding pirate grappler doesn't seem too bad.  So, check out out the last 59 seconds of Kayron Gracie vs. Vitor Toledo in the Middle Heavy Division final.  Kayron was to some degree overshadowed by the performances of Rafa Mendes and a few others, but he killed it.  Watching his matches, you really get a sense he seemed at ease and was truly flowing with the positions until he angled in on his attack.  Great stuff.

And, here's a little bonus vid:  A 51-second footlock by Clark Gracie over Abmar Barbosa (who we just featured last week).  Tough loss for Barbosa, but we know he'll be back.

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  1. That's my boy...Clark Gracie! I do hope that Abmar is ok.


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