Thursday, April 26, 2012


It seems like every few months there is a new innovation in grappling that creates a hotter trend than weaving feathers into your hair or walking around wearing a backwards robe (yes, you snuggie lover.) At the speed grappling and BJJ are growing the deep half seems almost as old as the closed guard - who the hell does that sh*t anymore? But, in all reality, the deep half guard is a legitimate position that in essence is fairly new (we will date it back to the 90's) and epitomizes the idea of leverage and technique over size and strength. In case you were new to the grappling game or just born in the 2000's you may not know how to properly apply the deep half. So today we bring you this great video from the guys at West Coast BJJ Association detailing everything you need to know about entering into the deep half.

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  1. NIce demo. I'm a beginner and I when I find myself on the bottom of half guard I often dive in grab my opponents leg and get stuck there only to end up in a less than desirable position. Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for posting!


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