Monday, May 14, 2012


I, like your parents, do feel that you need to be more independent.  And, that's why I'm no longer going to pay for your car insurance and/or your cell phone bill.  I will still, however, put a bunch of superfighst from epic grappling events together for you on DSTRYR/SG.  That  I will do. 


  1. yup victor taunted kron at pan ams after he won with the same thing kron did, some lame baby cradle thing like he handled kron like he was a baby or something. Also kron didnt get butthurt but i guarantee you in his mind he has been wanting to get even. At Pan ams victor got a 4 point sweep because he landed in mount which kron escaped quick and soon after got a point sweep. Then he humped kron's leg for 7 minutes and pulled that baby cradle shit. So yeah the score was 4-2 at pan-ams and kron didnt talk any shit and probably should have but he handled the taunting with class, cant say the same for vistor though, get your facts straight. Sorry but kron is a fierce competitor and does not take well to being taunted and gave victor a taste of his own medicine, tough shit for victor, anyways im glad they were talking cool and it was squashed. Maybe i should do your job for you instead of this garbage you write.

    1. I'm not certain what facts we misstated, Anonymous. I think you and I are in agreement, for the most part (except the part about you thinking we suck).

      Happy Training!

      - The Office of DSTRYR/SG

    2. lol would love to drop that last line in an interview if i wasnt such a coward

      <---- not the same Anonymous

  2. *got a 2 point sweep


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